I felt like I could have played the part of Neo from the Matrix in this outfit.

So I was looking for an outfit to wear to go out for my friends birthday. The plan was drinks in the garden then move on to our local pub. I wanted something smart but casual. To be fair, I always want something smart but casual and I always end up a little more on the smart side, what can I say, I like to dress up!

I had been perusing the Yours Clothing website for a few weeks unable to pin down exactly what I fancied until I came across these super jazzy black and white pants.

OOOOOOOOOH was the sound that physically came out of my mouth when I saw them.

They are so funky and something totally different for me as I very, VERY rarely go out in pants.

I’m nearly always in a dress and the main reason I tend to stick to dresses when looking for outfits is because it’s just one item of clothing and you’re sorted. If you go for pants or a skirt, you need to find a top to go with it and that means double effort. Sometimes you just don’t have time for the extra shopping but for these pants, it was worth it.

I was on a mission to find a top to go with the funky pants and it wasn’t long before this beautiful maxi shirt caught my eye. Yasssss, it was perfect.

I ordered the top in a size 22 and to be fair, it was generous, I could have quite easily worn this in a 20. If you’re in between sizes I would definitely say go for the smaller size.

The belt actually came with the trousers but this was a wasted feature with the long shirt as it wouldn’t be seen. I decided to use the belt to cinch my waist and I think it ended up being a nice little touch. You can wear the shirt as it is, that looked beautiful too, I just like to mix things up 🙂

The pants were a size 24 and fit perfectly. I’m 5.5 and nearly always end up with pants that bunch at the bottom (because I forget that I’m short and order things in regular fit) but the length on these were absolutely perfect. Like the most perfectly fitting pants I’ve ever owned, winning!

The material is really light and comfortable with an elasticated waist which is perfect when you spend the night drinking wine and eating pizza (the bloat is real people).

I felt very edgy in this ensemble and sticking with that theme I added one of my fake septum piercings because I feel cool af when I wear one. I’m an absolute chicken and wouldn’t dream of getting it pierced for real, why would I when I can wear fake ones whenever I want? (thanks Primark, I got a pack of 5 for like £1.50, bargain).

To add a touch of warmth to the look I went for my favourite eyeshadow look at the minute which is this beautiful pinky-red smokey eye. I recently posted a tutorial of how to do this look on my YouTube channel which you can watch by clicking HERE.

Overall I just absolutely loved this look and genuinely felt like I was in the Matrix when I swish swashed down the street. When the wind caught it, it was as magical as a plastic bag drifting in the wind (you know like the one Katy Perry sings about) LOL.

Anyway, if you want to grab these super cool pants they are only £19.00 and you can get them HERE.

If you want to feel like you’re in the Matrix and sashay down the street in the beautiful shirt you can buy it for £26.00 HERE.