Ladies Day is a big event in the racing calendar and a perfect opportunity to get super dressed up. This was my first time at Ladies Day and I really went to town.

The Dress

I bought my ticket for the event about 2 months before it was happening so I had a little while to look for the perfect outfit. I wanted something amazing because its not everyday you get an excuse to wear a fancy frock and I knew I wanted to get my dress from Chi Chi London.

Chi Chi stock a range of beautiful dresses and for how glamorous they are, I think they’re very reasonably priced.

After looking at dresses on the site for what felt like forever, I eventually settled on the grey dress but wasn’t sure about my choice when it arrived.

The dress itself was beautiful and everything I had wanted it to be, but the length was different to what I had imagined. On the model the dress went just past the knee. I forget that I’m short and models are tall. The dress was closer to my ankles than my knees so I wasn’t 100% sold.

As I was unsure of the length, I took to Instagram and Facebook to ask my lovely followers for their opinions.

I received so much feedback and it was very mixed. I would say that the majority was love for the dress, but a lot of people didn’t like it for a few different reasons. The main negatives were;

  • “It looks like a bridal dress”
  • “It’s too formal”
  • “It’s too long”
  • “It’s not colourful enough”
  • “It isn’t the most flattering”

I could almost agree with some of those comments to a certain degree. The dress was an odd length on me and the biggest thing that I questioned myself. If I could have had it altered I would have took it up a few inches but I didn’t have the time and in the end I loved the dress so much I think I grew to like the length.

It’s a poofy skirt so it was never going to hug my figure but I don’t agree that it wasn’t flattering. It was tight around my waist, fit nicely across the bust and the tulle skirt wasn’t excessive so all in all I loved the way the dress looked on me.

After experiencing the races, I can definitely say this dress was not “too formal” for the occasion. There were a lot of vibrant colours and lots of floral dresses which I was expecting. I purposely wanted to avoid floral because I wanted to be different. I know a lace dress isn’t totally out there, but this one felt special.

I can understand why some people said this looked bridal, but at the end of the day, it’s not. I’ve never seen a bride in a grey wedding dress (I know the picture I originally shared maybe wasn’t the best light to show the colour, but still).

This dress was a size 22 and costs £70.00 from ChiChi’s website. I bought mine from Asos for £72.00 because I had a £5.00 off voucher and my cousins student discount code haha! If you want to buy this from ChiChi direct, click HERE

The Shoes

The dress did need a pop of colour and I knew I wanted to wear a bright red lip, so why not go for a bright red shoe!

These shoes were by Red Herring from Debenhams and in the sale at a bargain price of £24.50 you can buy them HERE

By some actual miracle, I managed to last the full day in these shoes too! I packed emergency flatties just incase and lugged them about all day, but in the words of Destiny’s Child, I’M A SURVIVOR and I never gave up. I’m not the best in heels and I did sit down for a lot of the day, but still…I’m a hero!

The Fascinator

I have so much love in my heart for this fascinator, it is just absolutely gorgeous! The heart shaped pill box is so cute and the fantastic feather detail is just stunning. It could not have been more perfect for this outfit, I just wish it was normal to wear things like this everyday, I would totally do that!

This was by Jacques Vert and another purchase from Debenhams. It was a bargain buy as it was in the sale, originally £100.00 down to £39.00 usually I would give you the link so you can purchase this yourself but it appears to have sold out 🙁

The Hair

I was so thrilled with how my hair turned out!!! I honestly can’t tell you how worried I was about what the hell I was going to do with it! I watched a few hair tutorials the NIGHT BEFORE (because I’m so organised) and just sort of created this.

I think the 1920’s style with the finger waves at the front really finished the look off and gave a total vintage edge to the whole thing.

If anyone is interested, I can try and recreate the look in my own tutorial, just let me know if this would be useful.

Best Dressed

Most of the women who attend Ladies Day really make a huge effort with their outfits. Maybe this is to do with the ‘Best Dressed’ competition where this year, one of the top prizes included flights to Dubai!

There were scouts from Tyne Tees Models who walked around the course looking for the best dressed ladies to put forward to be judged.

I was passed by 6 scouts and each time they were nearby, I stood up so I could show off my ensemble and hoped they would notice me. Every single time they looked straight through me and I was never approached. This was early in the day when it wasn’t crowded and I was definitely in their line of site each time but just never got noticed.

My friends said I should have gone over and entered myself but I didn’t want to. I know I appear very confident but at the end of the day we all have our insecurities. One of mine is I hate rejection and I would have been gutted if I went over and asked to be entered then turned away. There’s always next year…

The Day

We had a fantastic day, very drunken and very expensive (£19.90 for a bottle of Rose and £30.00 for a bottle of Prosecco!!!). Luckily we won a few bets which cushioned the blow but no matter what we spent, it was worth it.

It was just so lovely to get all glammed up and see everyone else looking like superstars and having a brilliant day. I would definitely go again.

We left the races and went back to one of my local pubs for more drinks (big mistake). I was absolutely smashed after a full day of drinking on an empty stomach, my memory got hazy by about 8pm.

I got a taxi home to my wonderful husband who had ordered me a Chinese because he is just the best! I wasn’t calling him the best the morning after when he farted and wafted the smell from under the duvet in the direction of my face. I pretty much ate his fart and then proceeded to be sick, thanks Paul.

You can also thank Paul for this wonderful picture that he took of me after I ate my Chinese. Apparently I was so tired I fell asleep with my head in my hands, snoring the lot.



If you saw my post on Instagram/Facebook, you will see that I mentioned the outfit was paid for by my employer UK Lift & Escalator. My Uncle owns the business and he said he would pay for my outfit if I mentioned work on my website (bit of advertising and that like) obviously I said yes, I couldn’t pass up a free outfit!

If anyone needs a lift or escalator serviced, repaired or modernised, give UK Lift & Escalator a call. Our website is HERE if you want a browse!

Before & After

Just to end this post, I want to share a before and after. I am just a normal fat girl with shitty skin. I am not a makeup artist, hairdresser or an expert in fashion. I watch tutorials, follow fashion and hope for the best.

If I can make these transformations happen, then so can you…if you want to.