I know I’ve already posted a welcome blog to the website but I just want to say again how very excited I am to be sharing my life with you wonderful lot.

Anyway, let’s kick things off with a blog about my biggest passion, FASHION! Well look at that! I’m a poet and I don’t…I’m sorry I won’t say it, that’s really lame.

So, we’re in July now (I actually don’t know where this year has gone) but I have managed to squeeze not one but TWO sunny holidays into my busy little life.

Back in May I went to beautiful Mexico with my husband and had the most amazing time. As soon as we got home, I was suffering from the holiday blues really badly.

I just could’nt rest until I found another cheap getaway, but after trawling the internet for weeks I found absolutely diddly squat. My friend at work had a quick browse for me and on her first search she found a cracking deal to Zante.

Booked it, packed it, F***ed off!

Now when I go on holiday I just like to lie by the pool with a good book. The only time I move is to get refreshments or rotate my body like a rotisserie chicken to get an all-round top tan.

I’m also partial to activities in the pool. Not organised ones that the entertainment staff put on like water polo and all that crap. I don’t want to worry about balls whacking me in the face, I get enough of that at home (I’M KIDDING!!)

So anyway, this was going to be a fashion post wasn’t it?

Before I went on both of these holidays, the wonderful girls at Yours Clothing sent me some gorgeous swimwear, and I wanted to give a full review of these beautiful pieces.

Beautiful in Blue (or purple? you decide!)



I wore this beauty in Mexico and I absolutely loved it! I‘m conflicted when it comes to deciding what colour it is but I’m going to say blue and black (Jesus, it’s like that white and gold dress all over again!). Whatever colour it is, I like it and I think the print is rather tropical which is perfect for a holiday.



I love the little crisscross pattern across the bust as it gives it a little ‘something something’ and is just a nice little extra to an already pretty swimsuit.

The one I am wearing is a size 22 and it fits like a dream. I’m a big fan of a halterneck tie because it gives you control to hoist those puppies up to wherever you want them to go. Plus its easily untied if you’re watching out for tan lines!

It also has tummy control which is a great feature if you like to have that smooth silhouette.

All in all, I was a big fan of this one and would definitely recommend it. If you want to purchase this yourself, just Click Here where it is currently on sale for £27.74

Prettiest swimsuit I’ve ever seen!



Now this is the best swimsuit I have ever worn. To be totally honest, I wasn’t sure if I would like it when I first saw it because are cold shoulders really necessary on a swimsuit? It turns out YES, YES THEY ARE!! Just look at how happy I am man, I absolutely love it.



The colourful print is so pretty and looks extra special if you are sporting a tan.

Although you don’t have the instant ‘cleavage maker’ like you would with a halterneck, you are still brilliantly supported and can adjust the straps to suit. Again, this is a size 22 and comes with tummy control so you get that sucked in feeling which I know isn’t for everyone, but it’s definitely for me.

This was by far my favourite swimsuit of them all and if you would like to get one for yourself, you can click the link HERE  and purchase it for £36.99. I know this is pricey for a swimming costume, but I do think it’s worth it.

Looking sexy in black



After wearing colourful swimsuits all week I wasn’t as excited about an all-black option but as soon as I put it, on I changed my mind. This has a gorgeous mesh detail on the front and back which is so trendy right now and super duper sexy.



Now this one has no adjustable straps or ‘cleavage maker’ (halterneck tie) but somehow, I thought my boobs looked fantastic! I think it’s because you’re just really well supported.

This costume was also in a size 22, which again was a perfect fit for me.

Sometimes I struggle with pairing a sun dress/kimono/beach throw on thingy majiggy with certain swimwear but because this was a plain black canvas you could literally chuck anything you wanted with it. I teamed it with this beautiful Kimono (also from Yours) and I think it looks dreamy.



If you want to purchase the kimono you can get it by clicking HERE for £15.00

To buy the sexy black swimsuit (that gives you good tits) just click HERE and it’s yours for £29.99

I hope you enjoyed reading my first proper fashion post and found it useful! If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch as I love to hear from you all!

Loads of love